Galentine’s Day 101

Your Gal Pals are the best investment you’ll ever make.

Friendships aren’t always easy or smooth sailing. You don’t just wake up one morning and become friends with someone. You have to get to know them, invest your time in them, and possibly spend some cash. And even then, not all friendships last forever! Some people grow apart, sometimes someone will show their true colors in a not so nice way, and sometimes we just lose touch. But when you find your true friends, it’s impossible to walk away.

My Valentine’s Day was spent surrounded by my sorority sisters and friends, and it was the best valentines day I’ve had in a very long time. We ate all the snacks, were excited by a margarita machine, and danced our little hearts out. I was struck by how these friendships are ones that are truly forever. I could look into the room crammed of sisters from different places or spaces, I’ve known I have been, and can be vulnerable with them. They’re the ones who’ve gotten me through boy drama, family drama, and biatch drama, and they’re the ones who will be standing by my side when I graduate college, get married, and they’re who I want to raise my children with. (I can see a whole generation of best friends being created).

Some people will tend to be very relationship driven, which I can understand, but there are countless times where I’ve heard of girls losing their friends over boys, or putting their love interests before their friendships. I think that in this age of divorce, millennial dating, and just random social media and societal pressures, friendships are the most important things you can value. Sharing time together, caring for one another, getting an ab workout laughing together, and having those friends that you can be vulnerable with is truly what will get you through anything.

It’s easy to meet a new love interest and get distracted, and real friends will celebrate that with you, but don’t get too pulled away from those friendships that have held you up when you’re down, because even in the most perfect relationship, it won’t be all smooth sailing.

So, homework for the week; call up your gal pals, splurge on a speaker or a margarita machine, and celebrate one another in a way only real friends can! Happy Galentine’s Day 

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