#PROGLAM and Other Things

I have so many thoughts and opinions on this week’s episode of the Bachelor (Week 4 if you’re keeping count).

    1. Who is Jacklyn? Like really, who is she?
    2. Why are girls calling a woman who’s only the youngest by a year ‘too young’? (We do and say crazy things when we feel a threat!)
    3. Since when were Krystal and Caroline pitted against one another? (couldn’t they both have stayed and we could have ditched, oh I don’t know, any other girl with a bland personality)
    4. Who is Jacklyn?


  • Is being #PROGLAM a thing?


Okay, I don’t know about you, but Chelsea making fun of Marikah for making sure she was camera ready by using a compass but then also claiming to be #PROGLAM, was one of the most iconic moments in this season. Not that there’s many others to choose from.

As I’ve pondered this idea of being pro-glam, I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, it is possible to be anti-glam, or, a glam-shamer; aka, a woman who uses another woman’s love for makeup and a curling wand to degrade them. But isn’t being pro-glam also being anti-chill? Or anti-au naturale? How about we just let women who enjoy their 2 hours of prep time before a date, enjoy it! Whether or not you’re someone who enjoys the glam, or prefers the sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup look; forget what Drake says, you’re actually prettiest when your confidence shines through.

Am I hoping #PROGLAM trends ASAP? Yes.

Do I think it’s ridiculous? Absolutely.

Am I #PROGLAM? Not necessarily, but I’m not not-pro-glam. Personally, I’m #PROYOUDOYOU. You feel?

In other Bachelor news, I am absolutely heartbroken that we said goodbye to Caroline this week. I am amazed she didn’t receive a better ‘edit’, because while some people felt like they didn’t know who she was, others were drawn to her beauty, empathy, and wine drinking! (I saw you girl).

I am confident this won’t be all we see from Caroline, and I am excited for her debut on whatever Bachelor spin-off they cast her on.

Does Age Matter?

Okay… Obviously age matters when it comes to consent, however, how do we feel about Bekah and Arie’s 14 year age difference?

My response: eh! I think that the girls in the house who are making her age a big deal are clearly feeling threatened. As women, when we feel threatened, we almost instinctively begin to degrade her in any way we can. The hair insult has been played out (and let’s be real, she’s rockin’ it), and she is absolutely stunning in every other superficial sense; so in a show that’s all about ‘marriage’ and ‘love’, I don’t think any of us were surprised at how Bekah’s age came up in conversation.

I don’t know the girl, and I know 22 year olds who are no where near marriage, I also know couples who are going strong after marrying at 18. Is a 14 year age difference pretty significant? YES! But, let’s be honest and say that Arie doesn’t exactly hold himself with the maturity of a 36 year old man. I think that if they are happy, they fall in love, and they have good communication surrounding the road blocks that may come up because of their perspective ages, who cares!

So let’s keep our opinions off the internet and out of other people’s relationships or hair routines.

Take a deep breath, friends! Let’s say it together!


Just do you!

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