Bachelor 101: Chill Out Fellas

The Bachelor has around 8 million viewers. Of those 8 million, about 75% are female. Clearly, this show is skewed pretty severely towards women, however, some of the reactions to my Bachelor Recap Snapchats and general conversation about the show would make me think that the show has a 99% female audience.

I talk about The Bachelor, I write about The Bachelor, I organize and participate in my Bachelor Fantasy League. Would I consider myself a super fan? Possibly. But recently I’ve been hearing from some of my male counterparts that drives me insane:

“The Bachelor is poison for the female brain”.

I’m sorry, what?

There are so many things wrong with this statement my ‘female brain’ might just explode. First of all, separating the sexes and their ‘brains’ is just the epitome of misogyny. Men make this statement rooted in the idea that ‘because less men watch the show, they must be smarter’. The idea that a woman enjoying a TV show that is clearly based in comedy lowers their IQ is hilariously offensive, and just purely incorrect. Secondly, the men who are making these statements must suffer from some severe masculinity issues if they’re 1) boohooing a show simply because of it’s predominantly female audience, or 2) because they think that watching the show skews a women’s idea of what dates should be like, and know that they will never be able to perform to the standards of Bachelor dates.

Here are my responses to these two mindsets:

  1. Please chill out, you will not sprout ovaries by watching an incredibly popular show and *gasp* maybe even enjoying it.
  2. Please chill out, no one is watching the show and then expecting every date following to include private planes and the cast from GLOW. The dates on the show are pumped up and coordinated through the producers and network money. We are very aware that you, a barista, don’t have an extra million dollars laying around to throw at a first date.

I was both shocked, and appalled to hear some of the sexist mindsets of the men around me this week. So I also want to make one thing very clear: Enjoying a Television show does not make someone a lesser being, but using their enjoyment to expand your sexist agenda sure makes you one.

One major misconception of the show is that those who watch are all about it for the romance, for the marriage, for the gooey moments. Oh no, let me clear this up. The majority of those who watch the show are here for the comedy. We’re here for the drama, and we’re here to see how dope some of these women are and the friendships that are created through the show. Personally, I’m gagging every time someone kisses our current bachelor, but I am cheering and jumping up and down each time someone stands up to the catty girls and takes their life into their own hands. BEKAH TAKE THE WHEEL!

So… to sum everything up:

My dudes out there, please, pour yourself a glass of wine, watch the show (maybe with your mom, girlfriend, baseball team, whatever), and please… chill the f*** out.

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