Bach is Back, Alright!

I’m obsessed with The Bachelor and I have no shame.

YES! You heard me! I’ll shout it from the rooftops a million times. Bachelor season began last night, on the 1st of January and I honestly could not think of a better way to start the year. Hello! New Years resolution? Never miss an episode. (I’ll definitely be able to keep this one)!

I run from drama in every aspect of my life, so yes, maybe I am just seeking it in a television show that myself and every other basic b*tch tune into every Monday night. However, I really feel as though I belong in the bachelor friend-world. No, not joining the ‘roseboys’ any time soon, but if Rachel was looking for another crazy gal in her gang I would be sending in applications ASAP.

I listen to enough Bachelor podcasts (shouts out to Wells and Kaitlin, love you boos) to feel as though I understand the ins and outs of the bachelor world (I don’t), and I know that the show is insane and ridiculous. I get that the whole premise takes relatively normal humans, puts them in a setting in which they fall in love (or the idea of love), allow them to talk about their feelings 24/7, explore their insecurities, pumps up the alcohol, sets ‘characters’ against each other, and lets everyone run wild! It’s absolute madness, and I’m a total cynic on the low, but then, there’s the success stories, which makes us all fall in love all over again.

Why do I love the show? Well, I really feel as though it makes me a better person. I’m a proud hope(ful) romantic, I appreciate a good glass of wine, and dedicating a night to spend with my own girl gang (Rachel’s always invited), is the perfect start to my week. Everyone hates the Mondays, but I charge into the week knowing that everything will start strong purely because I have the Bachelor and cheap wine to kick things off. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way!

So grab the wine and your girlies, set up your fantasy league, and start your week off right! I’m ready for the Arie women to bring laughter and glitter to my Monday nights this year!

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