Fake it till you Make it

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There’s so many things we all want to be. Fake probably isn’t on the top of your list of desirable characteristics you look for either in yourself or the people you surround yourself with, but here’s the thing: there is no way you’re going to be able to be completely happy or completely confident every day, and sometimes, you just gotta fake it.

I’m not saying that you should pretend that everything is hunky-dorey 24/7, that’s impossible and probably the most unrealistic expectation you could put on yourself (or others). However there is something special about those who can say “Okay, today kind of sucks, but that’s alright, let’s move on”, and then literally: moves on. Your bad experience, bad lunch, or headache is not going to last forever, but your bad mood can actually stay around a lot longer if you decide to dwell in it.

When I was a kiddo, I hated school and would do absolutely anything in my power to get out of going. My Mom actually was the one who would always say something along the lines of: ‘Well if you tell yourself you’re having an awful day, you’re probably going to have an awful day. But if you put on a fake smile and tell yourself today won’t be too sucky, you might just find yourself smiling for real’. And you know what? It’s so true. (Moms, with all the real knowledge).

I don’t want to ignore mental health, that’s not the point. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. are all very real. But our general mindset is also so important. We (mostly) have complete control over that little voice in our heads… We are also the person we communicate with the most! So when going throughout our days, if we shift that little voice from “bad day, stressed, anxiety, headache, everything is bad” to “the sun is shining! I’m working really hard! Everything gets better!”, maybe one day we’ll suddenly look up and realize: everything really did, get better.

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